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Children with Aging Parents


Overwhelmed Individuals


Free Yourself and Enjoy Life
  • ​​Financial paperwork has become too complicated and it is difficult to see all the numbers and focus.

  • My spouse is not comfortable sharing all the information that I would need to know in the event that I would have to step in and handle the financial responsibilities.

  • It is a burden to continually reconcile monthly statements from financial and health institutions.

  • I don't understand all the new rules that I have to follow.

  • My lawyers and financial planner are asking for a lot of historical financial information that I just don't have or can't seem to find.

  • Using technology to simplify my life is daunting.

  • I have been a victim of fraud/scam and I need guidance on how to be aware and mindful so this does not happen again.

  • Life is now too short and I just want to enjoy it and not be bogged down with all the details around finances, insurance, medicare, taxes, etc.


Children with Aging Parents

Reduce Your Worrying
  • ​​My parents are no longer opening their mail often enough and they started missing bill payment due dates.

  • I speak to my parents often on the phone and I have noticed considerably less focus, energy and attention to details on their part.

  • We have home care aides looking after our Mom in her home and suspect that there is stealing. We need a system in place to track expenses and time logged in by the aides.

  • My parents are not comfortable sharing all the information with family that we would need to know in the event that we would have to step in and handle the financial responsibilities.

  • I no longer have the time nor the energy to keep track of two households.  I need someone to look after my parent's financial and insurance paperwork including reconciling monthly statements.

  • Neither my parents nor my family want to move and they live too far from us to give them the help they need with organizing and administering their daily finances.

  • Lawyers, financial planners and organizations like Medicare always seem to be asking for a lot of historical financial information that my parents can't seem to find and/or have trouble putting together.

  • My parents have a tough time comprehending and using technology that can simplify their lives.

  • The time has come to downsize my parents home and move them to an independent living facility. It is a monumental task after living in their home for over 40 years and we need lots of help.


Overwhelmed Individuals

Delegate and Focus Productively
  • We are the sandwich generation being pulled in so many directions and not able to focus on everything anymore​.​

  • My work hours and travel are all too time consuming and I need help with other parts of my personal life.

  • I need a personal CFO (chief financial officer) to keep my household finances in check and do my analytical work.

  • We need to keep better record track of our personal financial advisors, credit card bills, insurance and medical claims.

  • Having also taken on the financial responsibility, in addition to everything else I do, is way too stressful and I am falling behind.

  • My significant other is not comfortable sharing all the information that I would need to know in the event that I would have to step in and handle the financial responsibilities.

  • My spouse has taken ill and it's a long term issue.  I need help to manage the household finances while I focus on my job, kids and spouse.

  • There are numerous on-line personal financial accounts to keep track of every month and I have been a victim of credit card fraud in the past.

  • I recently divorced and I have never managed the finances or paperwork before; and I need help in setting up an organized system I can then follow.

  • A family member passed away and I am named as the Executor of the estate. There are so many tasks and responsibilities in this role. I need help in the home to pull together and comb through all the financial, tax and insurance records, in order to respond to the information needed by the estate attorney, paralegal and tax accountant.


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