Services and Benefits

Know Your Net Worth

Prepare monthly statement of assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe) to calculate your net worth.

Keep Up With Your Bill Paying

Optimize bill payment process, so you pay your bills on time and can manage the paperwork.

Track What You Actually Pay

Review and reconcile monthly expenses and bills, to ensure they are reasonable and what you expect.


Track and categorize expenses.


Set up a spending plan that is practical to follow and meets your needs and fits your financial picture.

Reconcile Monthly Statements

Review and reconcile monthly statements from the banks, brokerages and credit card companies.

Resolve any errors identified including working with clients on related phone calls and written correspondence.

Help Your Certified Professionals

Interface with your financial, tax and legal advisors and organizations for any financial information they request to manage your relationship.

Help coordinate relationships with advisors as well as care managers, insurers and government agencies.

Offer referrals as needed for tax accountants, estate lawyers, elder care lawyers, special needs lawyers, certified financial planners, investment advisors, insurers, care managers, personal concierges, professional organizers and others.

Make Your Financial Files Orderly

Organize important financial documents such as your records for tax preparation and estimated tax payments.

Make it easier to search through past records as the need arises.

For a given record or document, know the best place to store or save it and for what length of time.

Know The Numbers Behind Your Legacy

Provide an ongoing financial analysis of your estate plan.

Show how your current assets will be distributed in accordance with your legally documented wishes.

Be Aware of Hidden Fees

Conduct independent reviews of investments, to help you understand the fees being charged.

This is especially relevant where you have fund investments that invest in other funds.

Track Medical Reimbursements

Keep track of medical costs and reimbursements from Insurance companies.

Resolve any errors identified including working with clients on related phone calls and written correspondence.

Create Transparency for Family

Ease the communication of finances among family generations through the on-going sharing of information. Provide for a mechanism to foster helpful financial discussions and reduce the level of stressful disagreements.

Provide for an easier transition of responsibility.

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