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We live far away from our parents and are concerned about how they are managing their daily lives as they are getting older. There have been some issues of late that make us wonder about their judgement in handling financial decisions. If only there was a family member close enough to their home able to drop in on them to help with managing their daily household finances. We need the best next thing, an experienced, reliable person whom we can trust to be our advocate and interface with our parents at their home.

Children with Aging Parents - Another Situation 2

There are so many changes happening with my parents. They are living in the house that my sister and I grew up in, however they are starting to deal with more illnesses as they age and it is quite a burden. Our Dad has an autoimmune disease and we think it is best to move them to an independent living facility. A lot more attention is needed to look after our parents and to make sure that the plan of action is enacted properly and as smoothly as possible. There are many moving parts and my sister and I have our own jobs and family and do not have that much spare time.  We would love to have trustworthy, compassionate and smart resources to assist in the financial paperwork, independent living facility application requirements, and house organization and disposition.

Children with Aging Parents - Another Situation 3

Five years ago, my elder parents moved into the “in-law” apartment above my garage. Everything has been okay with my role not only as daughter but also primary caregiver to my parents. But now I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is sapping my energy and focus. It is way too much for me to deal with both my own family and my parent’s every day needs. I need a manageable solution to help with many household logistics, including financial paperwork.

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