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Overwhelmed Individuals - Another Situation 1

I was overwhelmed and frustrated with all the financial stuff I had to keep track of in my home. There is a constant tidal wave of monthly bills and medical claims. I do not know if my boat is taking on too much water as I may be spending too much and not saving enough. I need to sort through all the insurance coverage needed to protect my cars, home, and family. I have so much paper it is like a typhoon whipping through every time I scurry and locate important records, especially if I need to pull together documents when meeting with my financial planner or when preparing tax returns. I need help to develop a better approach to organize myself. Where do I turn as I want someone I can trust. If only there was a family member with the time and interest in sorting through all this with me.

Overwhelmed Individuals - Another Situation 2

I was the victim of a fraud. It was very scary and I am now afraid of any move I make to use my credit cards, answer my phone from an unknown number, or do something on-line. It is hard to know who you can trust. Why is the world rife with so many people bent on doing harm to innocent people like myself. I really would like a person I can rely upon to be my guide.

Overwhelmed Individuals - Another Situation 3

Running my business is enormously time consuming. Not only do I work long hours, but I also travel a lot. This leaves very little time to focus on my personal financial paperwork. I need someone who can keep my records organized, handle the constant stream of paperwork, pay my bills on a timely basis and reconcile and review monthly bank and investment statements. It is important that this person be able to communicate effectively and keep me informed of their progress and raise any issues quickly that require my immediate attention. This will be a tremendous help in giving me peace of mind so I can spend my energies in the most productive manner possible.

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