American International Group (AIG) - 27 Years

  • Managing Director of Investments Information Technology (IT) - led the financial reengineering processes and procedures that favorably impacted its alignment and integration with the overall AIG IT organizational strategies.

  • Managing Director of Corporate Business IT’s (CBIT) transformational strategies - focused on operational and system reengineering processes and procedures as well as business management improvements for CBIT

  • Managing Director of CBIT's GFO (Global Finance Operations) and Consumer Finance IT teams.

  • Head of Middle Office for Investments and Capital Markets for AIG Business Partners and AIG Financial Products Corp.

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the AIG Financial Services Division which had oversight for AIG subsidiaries in aircraft finance, capital markets, consumer finance and asset management.

  • Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for the AIG Financial Services and Asset Management.

Chase Manhattan Bank - 4 Years

  • Vice President of the Capital Markets Group - focused on accounting and operational issues for the interest rate and currency swaps and options derivatives desk.

Arthur Andersen & Co. - 7 years

  • Audit Manager  - serviced clients in banking, insurance and manufacturing.


Business Career

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